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During the webinar held on October 19, 2022 we presented the new study “Risks and opportunities of the new checkout methods“, conducted by Crime&tech, with the support of Checkpoint Systems Italia and in collaboration with the Laboratorio per la Sicurezza. It aimed at investigating the evolution of the idea of the retail store and checkout systems, resulting from the intense technological transformation of the Retail sector in recent years.

The report also analyzed the data of more than 100,000 transactions carried out with self-checkout technologies in June 2022 provided by 5 Italian retail companies. This allowed to estimate for the first time in Italy the economic impact and operational consequences of the application of self-checkout systems.

This event is part of the collaboration between Crime&tech, Checkpoint Systems Italia and the Associazione Laboratorio per la Sicurezza launched in June 2022, which aims at supporting companies in the Retail and GDO sector improving their ability to understand, measure and contrast threats to the security of their stores.

Download the report [ITA]