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Our Technologies

We provide our services through an array of secure tailor-made channels which include APIs and web-services, web-based dashboards, SaaS solutions and data-feed. We are certified ISO/IEC 270001:2013 and we have partnership agreements with leading global data and technology providers.

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We can rely on a wide array of delivery channels (e.g. APIs, web-services, datafeed, cloud-based solutions)

We have established partnerships with leading global technology and data providers

We are certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and possess strong information security and privacy countermeasures and safeguards

APIs and data-feed

We can provide our analytics services, data and risk indicators through a variety of channels including APIs, web-services and data-feed, depending on client needs and involvement of third-party technology providers.

Cloud-based solutions and SaaS

We develop cloud-based solutions to provide our services on clients’ desk. We develop internally and with partners graphical user interfaces (GUI) which can be customized to clients’ needs.

Partnership with technology and data providers

We have established partnerships with leading providers of technologies in the AML/CFT, security and retail domains and global data providers.

Information security and privacy

We are certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and we regularly conduct VA/PT and information security assessments of our systems and channels. All our tools and services are subject to data protection impact assessment (DPIAs) to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and ethical principles (e.g. ethical risk profiling).

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We will find a tailor-made solution for you, thanks to Crime&tech expertise and cutting-edge technologies and services.

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