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The network of clients and partners of Crime&tech and Transcrime includes private companies, public institutions and authorities, banks, universities, technology and data providers.

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Banks and

Crime&tech models and tools respond to anti-money laundering obligations for banks and professionals improving the customer due diligence of clients and providers and reducing the cost of prevention and regulatory compliance.

Private companies and industry representatives

Crime&tech services allow to monitor the risks related to the business activity, from the physical security of premises to the assessment of clients and vendors. A crucial tool to orient investment decisions and prevention measures.

Public bodies and local governments

Crime&tech services help public institutions to assess the reliability of suppliers and contractors, reducing the risks of fraud and criminal infiltration and  enhancing the efficiency of public expenditures.

Information providers

Using Crime&tech’s products and services, business registers and other information providers can integrate their data portfolio with information and indicators in the crime and security field, so as to reach new markets and potential customers.

Insurance companies

Data and information provided by Crime&tech can enrich the knowledge of insurance companies, enabling a more precise assessment of geographic and business sector risks and improving the calculation of insurance premiums and policies.

Research centres and universities

Crime&tech offers a wide array of measurements of risks and crimes that are useful for universities and research centres that wish to develop further studies, estimates and analyses in this field.