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Retail Security and Loss Prevention

We help retailers optimize operations and counter security threats. Our services include targeted analysis of proprietary data, advanced fraud detection models, training on-the-job for security awareness, and large-scale assessment of retail crime trends. We use cutting-edge and rigorous approaches to provide accurate insights and actionable advices.

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We constantly map, analyse and recognise fraud schemes and other security issues affecting retail companies

We are a market reference for the analysis and the detection of retail crimes and the management of shrinkage

We rely on a wide network of security managers, security experts and technology providers (hardware and software)

Targeted analysis

We analyse your proprietary data (e.g. inventory or shrinkage data, point of sale or self-check-out transactions, security alerts, suppliers data) to identify problems and opportunities for improvement.

Fraud detection

We develop advanced analytical models to identify cases of fraud or procedural non-compliance. These services are offered as-a-service or our models can be incorporated in third-party IT systems.

Training on-the-job

We provide your team with dedicated on-the-job-training to improve the understanding of retail crimes, increase awareness of security issue and adopt effective remedies or countermeasures.

Big picture assessments

We conduct large scale analysis through surveys, interviews, and data analysis to cover specific knowledge gaps or expand awareness of crime and security trends in the retail sector.

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We will find a tailor-made solution for you, thanks to Crime&tech expertise and cutting-edge technologies and services.

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