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On October 25, 2022 we presented the report of Project FATA – From Awareness to Action, the result of the collaboration between research, publich authorities and the private sector, joint to study the new forms and schemes of online counterfeiting, to promote new counteracting tools and initiatives.

This project has been developed by Crime&tech and Ministero dell’Interno – Direzione Centrale della Polizia Criminale, with the support of Amazon, and aims at creating a joint action force to fight counterfaiting. This phenomenon, which is still prevalent in offline marketplaces, has shown in the last few years a relevant increase also in online marketplaces as well as stronger links with other crimes (cybercrimes and financial crimes).

The results of this study have been collected in a final report (available here), providing the first italian example of a systematic analysis of the evolution and new modi operandi of online counterfaiting, and also representing a first step in the fight against a phenomenon yet to be fully understood.

Discover all the additional materials we produced during the project: Additional Material.

Watch the full video of the meeting: Video.