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The report ‘The Organised Retail Crime in Italy‘ has been published today. It is the result of a study carried out by Crime&tech in collaboration with the Associazione Laboratorio per la Sicurezza.

The term Organised Property Crime (OPC) covers a wide range of property crimes, such as theft and robbery, committed by often highly specialised criminal groups. According to Europol, OPC is one of the emerging criminal threats at European level.

This study analyses the incidence and characteristics of this type of criminal activity in Italy. Data was collected by means of an anonymous questionnaire sent to a sample of 43 companies operating in the retail and wholesale distribution sector in Italy. In addition to providing an initial picture of the phenomenon, the research aims to encourage a comparison between the experiences of professionals operating in the field and the analyses developed by research in the sector.

Read the report (ITA)Key findings (ENG)