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Section 3 - National Firearms Focal points


Definition of National Firearms Focal Point: A national body or single point of contact that acts as liaison between it and other States Parties on matters relating to the illicit trafficking in firearms.(United Nations 2001, Art. 13, §2)



Respondent’s information

We thank you for your cooperation and your time to complete the following questionnaire and give feedback on the operational instruments in the field of illicit firearms trafficking. This will enable us to produce recommendations and guidelines aimed at improving international cooperation in the field of illicit firearms trafficking.


To ensure the protection of information provided by respondents, it is agreed that:

- For the purpose of the study, information will be treated in line with governing rules in terms of data protection;

- The information collected will be used and managed exclusively by the partners of Project ECOFIT;

- The information collected through this survey will not be shared with third parties;

- Data will be kept strictly anonymous respecting confidentiality;

- Once submitted, information cannot be withdrawn from the study;

- The information provided in this questionnaire are granted to be anonymous;

- Answers are intended to reflect only the personal opinion of the respondent, not that of their employer/organization.

I consent to the treatment of personal data provided and I agree to the terms above. Acconsento al trattamento dei dati personali che verranno da me inviati e accetto i termini di cui sopra.

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