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Risks and opportunities of the new checkout methods
FATA - From Awareness To Action
Retail Security in Italy 2021

A study about shrinkages, thefts and security

A shared corporate strategy to fight shrinkage

Guidelines for the creation of an internal culture transversal to different departments in Retail and GDO companies

How to measure and analyse shrinkages

Guidelines for the Retail and GDO sector

Shrinkages in the large-scale retail trade in Italy
Classification, measure and new prevention strategies
Organised Retail Crime in Italy
Retail Security in Europe. Going beyond Shrinkage

The new barometer into the state of retail crime and shrinkage

ALICE - Assessing Labelling Inconsistencies to support Customs Enforcement agencies

ALICE is a searchable system which allows a real-time assessment of the correspondence between the labelling of a cigarette pack and the requirements in the declared destination country


A study about thefts, robberies and new safety systems.

Risk indicators of presence and infiltration of organised crime

Crime&tech has developed a variety of indicators that measure the presence of mafia groups in Italian municipalities and their level of infiltration in the legitimate economy

Predictive model for burglaries

Crime&tech has developed a predictive model to estimate the risk of burglaries at census tract level

Costs of Serious and Organised Crime in Australia

Crime&tech contributed to the latest Australian Crime Commission (ACIC) report entitled 'Costs of Serious and Organised Crime in Australia' 

Monitor - Monitoring of risk factors criminal infiltration in legal businesses

Project MONITOR is a monitoring of risk factors criminal infiltration in legal busineses realized by Crime&Tech for the Chamber of Commerce of Crotone and for the Chamber of Commerce of Vibo Valentia

The infiltration of organised crime in the legitimate economy of the Lazio region

The study has been carried out for the Regional government of Lazio and in particular of its Osservatorio sulla sicurezza e la legalità.

An indicator to measure counterfeiting risk

Crime&tech is partner of UNICRI - United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute - to develop a synthetic indicator of counterfeiting risk across Italian areas

A virtual Community for the security of cargo transports

Crime&tech, together with Università Cattolica, manages the virtual community hosted by the Open Innovation platform of Regione Lombardia dedicated to the security of cargo transports

Bulk Tobacco Study

The key objective of this study is the estimation of illicit cut tobacco consumption, with a specific topic on bulk tobacco, in 15 countries in Europe